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Self-educate before you self-medicate.

Cannabis use carries a stigma rooted in misinformation—whether it be as a gateway drug or a miracle cure. However, we believe that the best approach to enjoying cannabis is an informative approach. White Flower Cannabis is dedicated to playing the role of educator and budtender in the process of matching each individual with the right strain. Knowledge is power, and for us, that means helping to guide you towards an elevated state of living.

At White Flower Cannabis, we make cannabis use safe and simple for you. Here, you can explore anything you can imagine about the realm of marijuana and how you can adopt the lifestyle.

We know that the stressors of life can get overwhelming and require a momentary escape. Cannabis offers you an enhanced quality of life without getting in the way of everyday responsibilities.

Whether you’re constantly traveling, working long hours in the office or exploring the great outdoors, White Flower Cannabis provides you with the knowledge and product to experience a high best suited to accommodate your lifestyle.

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What to Expect during your Visit

Are you wondering how to navigate the overwhelming choices at your local cannabis dispensary?

At White Flower Cannabis, we understand. These days, there are so many different ways to consume cannabis. It can be difficult to know which method is right for you!

If you don’t want to ask too many questions at your next dispensary visit, keep reading. We’ll provide you with a simple, easy-to-follow guide to everything you might see at your local cannabis dispensary.

Cannabis Flower
Most dispensaries will have an assortment of cannabis flower strains available. You can purchase cannabis flower by the gram. Although all cannabis is scientifically recognized as Cannabis sativa, most defer to classifying strains as being Indica, Sativa or a Hybrid of the two.

If you aren’t sure which strain of cannabis is right for you, don’t worry. Our budtenders—AKA cannabis experts—can help you find the perfect blend; depending on whether you’re looking for a more stimulating or relaxing high.

Shop by Strain

Many cannabis dispensaries sell pre-rolled joints, for those customers that don’t want to roll their own or don’t smoke joints often. Small pre-rolls (one gram or less) can be a great way to test out a new strain. They can also provide a quick and easy high for smokers on the go.

If you want to start smoking joints but find buying pre-rolls too inconvenient, you can always buy an easy joint roller that will do most of the work for you.

Cannabis Oil
If you don’t like to smoke your cannabis, there are plenty of options for you at our dispensary. Cannabis oil can make a great addition to any meal or cup of tea; or, you can simply take a dose of it on its own.

Some of the most popular dispensary products are edibles, such as cannabis gummies. It isn’t easy to make high-quality, delicious edibles at home. Ask your budtender about our selection of edible cannabis products and which one might be right for you.

Cannabis Wax and Shatter
If you like taking dabs, cannabis wax and shatter are two of the most useful products you can find at our dispensary. These cannabis products are extremely cost-efficient and difficult to make on your own.

When you buy cannabis wax or shatter at your local dispensary, make sure you understand that this is a potent, concentrated form of cannabis. Our budtenders can help you with any questions you have about dosage and how to set up your dab rig.

Get the Most Out of Your Cannabis Dispensary Experience
Now that you know about the different cannabis products you can find at our dispensary, visit White Flower Cannabis to find the perfect product for you. Buying your favorite form of bud has never been so easy.

Remember to refer to your state’s cannabis laws and to never drive under the influence of cannabis.

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What Is Cannabis?

Cannabis (Cannabis sativa) is a plant that can be used in food, drinks and medicine, as well as for religious, spiritual and recreational purposes. Despite being federally illegal, cannabis can be used recreationally in 18 states and medically in 37 states. 

The plant can be grown indoors or outdoors anywhere in the world. It takes on its iconic seven-pointed shape for most of its life until the end—where it flowers and produces buds. Those are then harvested, dried and cured before being sent to your local dispensary. 

What is THC?

THC (short for delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) is known for providing a handful of different feelings. These can range from the desired euphoria and relaxation effects to the less pleasant side effects of paranoia and anxiety. Despite being seen as recreational, THC can provide medical benefits such as nausea, loss of appetite and insomnia.

What is CBD?

CBD (short for cannabidiol) is non-psychoactive, meaning the user won’t feel high after consuming it. Still, CBD is often relied on for its everyday benefits, such as increased relaxation and general stress relief. Beyond that, its medical applications include anxiety, seizures and more.

What is Delta-8?

Delta-8 THC is a recently emerging minor cannabinoid. It’s a lot like THC in that it produces similar effects, though the major difference is that it’s far less potent. It also exists in a legal grey area, as it can be extracted from CBD, making delta-8 THC legal in states where delta-9 THC isn’t. The benefits are more or less the same, including mild euphoria and pain relief.

What is an Indica strain?

Indica plants are shorter and bushier, containing short and wide leaves. Indica strains have high levels of CBD and moderate levels of THC, producing a relaxing body high that can increase appetite, induce “couch-lock” or aid in falling asleep, making it ideal for nighttime use.

What is a Sativa strain?

Sativa plants are narrower and thinner, containing long and slim leaves. Sativa strains have high levels of THC and low levels of CBD, bringing about feelings of alertness, euphoria and increased energy that make it best for daytime use.

What are Hybrid strains?

Hybrid strains fall somewhere between Indica and Sativa strains. The qualities of a hybrid depend on the properties of the parent plants. Moreover, the percentage ratio of THC to CBD in the plant determines whether the strain is Sativa heavy, Indica heavy or evenly balanced. Generally, cannabis breeders cross two strains with the intent of cultivating a new strain for medical efficacy or compromising between the effects of Indica and Sativa.

What is cannabis oil?

Cannabis oil is made of a cannabis concentrate and a carrier oil. The concentrate is suspended in the oil so that it can be evenly distributed in every drop.

Cannabis oil is more highly concentrated than flower. If you’ve never used a cannabis concentrate before, you should proceed with caution until you know how it affects you.

What is cannabis tincture?

Cannabis tincture is a cannabis concentrate preserved in high-proof alcohol. They can have a bitter flavor because of the alcohol—though they may have other vegetable glycerin or other products added to them to mask that taste—but this also gives them a longer shelf-life.

Cannabis tinctures, like oils, are highly concentrated products. Start by using just a little bit, and continue to re-dose periodically until you achieve your desired high.

What are cannabis patches?

If you use cannabis for medical reasons, you may want to consider a cannabis patch. A cannabis patch is basically a sticker that releases a steady stream of CBD and/or THC into your bloodstream.

Cannabis patches are ideal for medical users because they can provide consistent relief from pain, nausea, and other ailments treated with medical marijuana.

They also provide maximum control over how much THC you are ingesting, so they are ideal for users who don’t primarily want to feel high.

What is flower and what are the pros and cons?

Smoking flower is considered to be the quickest way to get high due to its fast onset effects, cost-effectiveness and simplicity. The peak hits after roughly 30 minutes, with the overall experience lasting for up to three hours. Some cons of smoking include the lingering smell, carcinogenic compounds in the smoke and throat pain or frequent coughing from the smoke.

What are concentrates and what are the pros and cons?

Concentrates are what the name implies—a concentrated form of cannabis made by extracting cannabinoids and terpenes directly from the cannabis plant. It can come in a variety of forms, including wax, oil, dabs and shatter, and is mostly inhaled through a vaporizer or a dab rig.

Concentrates can be extremely potent in comparison to cannabis flower, ranging from 40% to 99% THC. The effects are instant and remove the smell, allowing for a somewhat more discreet experience. On the other hand, it’s easy to go overboard when using, making dosing a little tricky.

What are edibles and what are the pros and cons?

Edibles commonly come in the form of brownies or cookies, though any food or drink can be infused with cannabis. The onset relies on your metabolism, taking anywhere between 30 minutes and two hours to kick in. The high also lasts far longer, going up to 4–6 hours, and in extreme cases, up to 12 hours. There’s no smoke or smell involved with edibles, making them great for discreet use or traveling. For beginners, it’s best to go slow as the delayed reaction may make it difficult to dose properly.

Cannabis-buying basics

The regulations for cannabis consumption vary across the Midwest. In Michigan, cannabis is legal for purchase and use by anyone over the age of 21. Still, purchasing cannabis products from dispensaries relies on the type of dispensary.

Medical-only dispensaries, called provisioning centers, require both a valid state-issued ID and a valid medical marijuana card, with no one else being allowed entry. Recreational facilities, made for the sale of adult-use marijuana, only require that the individual is 21+ and has a valid state-issued ID. Both can be sold by the same facility, though they’re commonly separated in the store and labeled accordingly.

Once inside and verified, you’ll have immediate access to an experienced budtender that can help you pinpoint which strain is best suited for your needs.

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